Ardagh Village Drinking Water Contamination

According to a report in the Limerick Leader newspaper, some residents in the village of Ardagh have been unable to drink their tap water for the past few months because of the smell of petrol in the drinking water. The problem appears to be worse when the water is heated.

Irish Water have apparently wrote to residents telling them that the HSE advice was “not to drink the water or use it for prepared food, ice making or brushing of teeth.”

“However, unless any petrol type odour is noted, this water can be used for toilet flushing bathing, showering, laundry and dishwashing.”

For households worried about contamination in their drinking water supplies, we recommend the installation of a quality point of use water filter or wholehouse water filtration system…Read More

Limerick Water Users Not Consulted in Chemical Trial

It has been claimed that Limerick Water users are being treated like Guinea Pigs in the use of Orthophosphate in their water supply. The use of Orthophosphate dosing in treating water is controversial due to the possible human side effects and damage to the environment such as increased algae growth in rivers and lakes. Orthophosphate dosing has proved effective in reducing lead in water by coating the pipes which helps reduce the levels of lead being dissolved into the water…Read More