Removing Lead From Water

Removing lead from water with a tap filter is an affordable option for Irish homeowners who are caught with lead piping in their homes. In a recent article in the Irish Times, it shows that different types of water filters remove different types of contamination. This means that those planning to tackle lead contamination in drinking water, need to check that the filter is the right one for removing lead from water. There are many types of potential contaminants (dirt, chemicals, metals, bacteria etc.) in drinking water and there are specially designed filters to reduce or remove these contaminants. Read More (PDF)

Are Plastic Bottled Water Brands Safe to Drink?

The recent recall of 14 different water bottle brands due to a possible E. coli contamination has many people wondering whether disposable plastic water bottles are safe to drink out of. While bottled water may look pretty good, bacteria can still grow in a plastic bottle’s small crinkles and crevices particularly around the cap area, the part that goes in your mouth…Read More (PDF)